No signup fees. No minimum contracts. No long-term commitments.


Choose a pre-designed template:

Cmail has a number of creative pre-designed email templates in our library. With this option, you can choose one of our pre-designed Cmail templates and we will customize your header by changing the color to match your branding, and inserting your company’s logo. With this option, you can deliver creative, cost-effective email marketing campaigns to your clients.


Create a custom Cmail template:

Communicate with your clients in a smart, effective manner while promoting your company’s brand with a custom Cmail template. With this option, our designers will create an original, custom-designed Cmail template that reflects your current branding and personality.

Also included with this option, is a Cmail subscription form that we will insert into your existing company Web site. This sign-up form will allow your clients to add their name and email address directly to your Cmail subscriber list.

Pay only when you send!

With Cmail, there are no subscription fees. You only pay for the Cmail campaigns you send to your subscribers. So, you will never be charged for a service that you don’t use.


Activity-based pricing:

1,000 emails per blast
2,500 emails per blast
5,000 emails per blast
larger volumes
custom pricing