Synchronizing unsubscribes with my own database

It is a requirement of using Cmail that you have our instant unsubscribe link in every campaign. You may want to also capture those unsubscribe requests in your own system, and you can do that using a custom unsubscribe confirmation page.

Every list can have its own unsubscribe redirect page, which is where the unsubscribing reader will be automatically sent to, after they have been removed from your list.

This is how it works:

  • Your reader clicks the unsubscribe link in any email
  • They are unsubscribed from your list right away
  • The reader is redirected transparently to the page you define for that list, under 'unsubscribe options'
  • Your landing page takes the email address from the URL, and you take it from there
Enter your custom unsubscribe redirect URL under 'unsubscribe settings'

For example, you could change your unsubscribe URLto:[email]

The email address of the individual who unsubscribes will then passed into the query string of that page. For example, the subscriber will now be redirected to:

Once it's in the querystring you can do whatever you want with the email address server side. This technique will work for anyone who unsubscribes via a campaign or an unsubscribe form.