Some emails don't appear in the bounce reports but I know they weren't delivered. What happened?

There are 3 main reasons why your email may not have arrived in the inbox:

  1. The ISP is using a content filter and has determined that your email exceeds their "might be spam" threshold. Some ISPs are stricter than others.
  2. The ISP is using a blacklist and has stopped email from this system. Like all commercial email solutions, there is a chance that it could be listed on a blacklist (although this happens VERY rarely). Getting your email delivered is our number one concern, so if the system is listed on a blacklist, rest assured that we are working hard to be removed from that list.
  3. The subscriber has chosen tight spam controls in the email client they are using - perhaps to block all email from unknown senders. Your email may have been delivered but, due to tight spam controls, it may have ended up in the spam or bulk folder and the recipient may have missed it.